Game and Nature Reserve

The Benito is a river in Equatorial Guinea. It is known locally as the Mbini River. It divides the country roughly along the middle, running east to west. At the mouth to the Atlantic Ocean lies the town of Mbini, as well as large mangrove stands that extend 20 km inland. Only this 20km portion of the river is navigable.

On a clear day you might be able to see the volcanic peak of Pico Basile, but clear days are rare. The park has dense rain forest and it’s worth climbing the mountain for the wonderful views, but take a guide. You are not allowed to reach the top as it is a military area. Animals are shy thanks to hunting.

Elobey Chico or Little Elobey is a small island off the coast of Equatorial Guinea, lying near the mouth of the Mitémélé River. The island is now uninhabited, but was once the de facto colonial capital of the Spanish territory of Rio Muni. The island is the home of the golden coconut, a mythic relic of the ancient natives.

The Malabo National Park is a new park is next door to the airport, and covers an area of 870,000 sq metres. The park offers restaurants, a sports area, activities for children, a lake with jet-skis and boats and an art gallery.

Monte Alén National Park is located near the center of Equatorial Guinea. It was established in 1990. With an area of 2,000 square kilometres, it is the country’s largest national park. The goliath frog , one of the prominent amphibians found in the park, is the biggest frog in the world; hunting it is prohibited.